Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So I started a blog.......

I recently signed up for a booth at my first craft show, and I thought a blog would help me stay on track with the myriad of potential projects swimming in my skull.  I am currently sharing the booth with my friend Ellen, whose work you should check out on her site.  I hope to get Andrea involved as well, whose attitude and artwork gives me something to aspire to.

My crafty inclinations are a bit scattered... love to create charcoal figure drawings, take nature themed photography, make off the wall earrings, and, now, to create soldered picture frame charms.  I am really enjoying the soldered picture frame charms, as it incorporates my love of jewelry with my drawings and photography.  Artwork that has sat in the corner of my apartment, that just didn't have enough OOMPH to stand alone, has been given a new chic life when incorporated in these little charms.  My process might sound a bit tedious, but I find the steps so engrossing and fun, I barely notice how long it takes me.

The first step is picking up ideas and inspiration, which is a long and arduous process that deserves its own entry.  To allow for the amount of detail in each charm, I first create 4 inch by 4 inch collages incorporating bits and pieces of fun.

Then, after I finish the larger collage, I scan it and shrink it to fit into these 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch charms.

As you may have noticed, none of these are soldered yet.  I admit, I am a little scared.  My father has graciously offered to give me a lesson this week, so I will post updated photos when I conquer the world of soldering!  Until then, stay crafty my friends.